The Coordinator - REPERID Justice Mbuagbaw E.Peter

A word from the Coordinator

I am honoured to welcome you on board the new website of the Research Center for Peace, Human Rights and Development-REPERID.

The re-launch of our website falls in line with the reform process of the organization which is intended to sustain growth and solidify gains.

REPERID intervenes to ensure the respect and protection of human rights, fights poverty and builds a culture of peace through volunteerism using ADR. Our main tools are evidence based advocacy, conflict analysis and understanding, public talks and campaigns, the organization of workshops and seminars to build the capacities of groups, organisations and communities.





In the light of its mission statement which is: “Partners, with a shared mission and vision, in a collaborative effort” 
REPERID works with Volunteers, Resource Persons and Partners to:

• Provide research, education, training and technical assistance in the areas of peace, Human Rights and Development;

• Serve as an Information and Resource Centre where academics, professionals, graduates and students can work together to examine specific issues in depth;

• Disseminate research project results and findings through publishing books, booklets, periodicals, annual reports and other information materials on all aspects of Peace, Human Rights and Development;

• Develop a culture of peace, non – violence and the respect for Human Rights through education, training workshops, seminars /conference presentations & strong advocacy;

• Build and develop methods and capacities in rural populations towards reducing poverty, malnutrition, diseases and the sustainable and equitable use of the environment;

• Develop and promote Traditional Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques in a bid to resolve disputes in Communities.

A society in which every human person and all peoples are entitled to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development, in which all human rights and fundamental freedoms can be fully realized.
In the light of its mission statement which is: “partners, with a common mission and vision, in a collaborative effort” , REPERID works with Volunteers, Resource Persons and Partners.

– Volunteers (National and International)
– Resource Persons
– Partners (Institutional Collaborating Organizations)

REPERID’s daily activities are run by a carefully selected staff under the leadership of the Coordinator and the Administrator.REPERID’s Interns and Volunteers also partake in the day-to-day office activities.The present staff of REPERID are:




Mme Atabong Fleur Pembe

Mme Nkuh Enuy

1) Mr Nzetema Ibrahim
2) Mr Nji Valentine

Membership is open to all interested persons and includes professionals, academics, graduates and university students. Peace and Human Rights are founded on virtues. You are a traditional ruler or an unskilled person, if your vision ties with our mission, you can also belong.

Through REPERID, your aptitudes, skills, work experience and vision can be translated into a more actively meaningful output.

The Centre has three categories of members: Ordinary members, Commission Members and Honorary Members. You may write, call or come to the office of REPERID and request for a pre – acceptance application form. If you are selected after the pre – acceptance screening test, you will receive an information packet together with an application form. Or simply Contact us online.

REPERID is firmly committed to diversity in all areas of its work. We believe that we have much to learn and profit from diverse cultures and perspectives, and that diversity will make our Organization more effective in meeting the needs of all our stakeholders. 

We are committed to developing and maintaining an organization in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds and needs are fostered and valued, and where those with diverse backgrounds and experiences are able to participate and contribute.

Making our Organization more representative of the local community, involving people from differing backgrounds, ages, cultures, genders and outlooks, helps establish new ideas and fresh approaches.

Having a diversity policy in place helps move towards increasing the diversity of our volunteers.
We will regularly evaluate and monitor our progress towards diversity

REPERID has been granted funding for the project titled: “Decentralization, the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and Council Policies: A New Paradigm for Council Development Strategies in Cameroon”. The project runs from March 2013 – January 2014 and is aimed at bringing cultural actors into council policy for development. The pilot phace involves the North West and West regions – five divisions in each region, three councils in each division, making a total of fifteen councils in each of the the regions.


• To create public consciousness and awareness on the capitalisation of culture and cultural policies for Councils as an end in itself and a means to an end.
• Enhance the capacities of Councils and cultural actors to understand and exploit the new National and International Legal Instruments relating to culture.
• To cause Councils to include cultural policies in the formation and implementation of their development policies.
• To identify Cultural Actors within the Project areas and build a database of Cultural Actors .This will include Cultural Sites that need protection as well as threatened intangible heritage in Projects areas.

•To create a Network of Cultural Actors-NECA around a strategic Council development framework for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.